Sojournal Energy Forecast April 2015

March 2015

Aries (21 March – 19 April) is ignited with a beautiful painting by Kim Dreyer

Kate Spreckley of Spirit Pathways shares her insights for April:

The time has come to acknowledge the values that govern your life and understand how those values are reflected in the day-to-day choices you make. Are you living life according to a balanced code of ethics, or are you over burdened by an imbalanced view of life? This month gives an opportunity to set things right and to live life according to a higher plan. We all have at our fingertips the ability to shape the world with love, compassion and integrity.

Your intent is a powerful force for creation and manifestation. The application of your intent creates specific situations and experiences. When you are clear on the outcome of your intentions; what the end result of your creations will be; you are able to manifest more precisely and easily. Using your intention properly strengthens your ability to manifest. If you are using intentions improperly or without discipline, your creations will be chaotic and vague. You can willfully misuse your intentions by attempting to mislead others about your motives and your wishes. When you do this you shut out the Divine Light of creation, which creates unclear intentions and confused manifestation. Unconscious misuse of intention occurs when you have deep feelings of unworthiness and lack self love. In this situation you create experiences that will demonstrate self-abusive attitude and a lack of self-love. The misuse of intention deceives not only yourself, but others too, making it more difficult to trust the process or the Universe to deliver that which is good and joyful. When you become clear in your intent your reality will reflect only Divine Truth and your hearts true desires will become manifest.

This month the energy will aid you in clearing away the debris of old patterns, beliefs and structures, to reveal the true purpose of your intentions and thus your manifestations. That which has been obscured will be revealed and you will be gifted with the opportunity to observe the way in which you use your intentions to create your reality. You may be called to look at where you may be misusing your intention, consciously or unconsciously. Use the energy of this month to uncover where you are placing your intentions. Focus on realigning your intentions with your heart and thus with the Divine Creator. Open your heart to the creative force of the Universe and allow your true intentions to manifest.

Affirmation for this month – I intend to manifest from my heart love, joy and peace

– Kate Spreckley, Spirit Pathways

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