Sojournal Energy Forecast March 2015

2015 Sojournal

There is a season and a reason for every Divine purpose and a meaningful cycle for every Earthly transformation. During this month you will be reminded of this wisdom as the energy gathers for the beginning of a new cycle of growth and transformation that opens with the spring / fall Equinox. The Equinox is an indicator of the changing seasons and a special time where the quality of energy in the Earth is being renewed. The Equinox contains a powerful energetic gateway that accelerates our forward movement. It heralds the start of a new season with new energies. The powerful energy of the Equinox will be streaming in all month and we can be guaranteed of a time of deep and profound transformation and change.

Transformation is the changing of form, structure and appearance and its power is an essential aspect of our evolutionary growth and development. This month you will experience a transformation of both your personal and the collective consciousness. As such take time this month to prepare for a transformation of some kind. There may be radical changes that occur, which alter your experience of this world. You may be called to rebalance the energies of your life and to find more clarity around your path. Remember that before the creation of the new can take place, the destruction of the old must occur. Attempting to hold onto that which no longer serves you will only create difficulty and frustration. Old habits, possessions, beliefs and structures that no longer serve you will be swept away.

Transformation can be intense as your energy fields are purified and renewed this month. You will be directed to seek deep within, to discover the outmoded aspects of your life and to offer those up for transformation and transmutation. By consciously offering those things that are no longer needed to the fire of transformation will enable you to make space in your life for new and powerful creations to emerge. Release them readily and you will find them replaced with gifts of Spiritual growth and abundance.

Remember to be thankful for the gift of this life and the wisdom that emanates from your heart and Soul. Set your intention to benefit fully from the energetic gateway of this Equinox. Take the time to consciously connect with the energy of transformation and use it constructively to deepen and support the journey of your Soul.

Affirmation for the month – I lovingly release the past and open myself to the new

– Kate Spreckley, Spirit Pathways

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